Sovereignity; The Ancient art of Saying no

How about no!?

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In the world we currently living, Will power is being repressed for the most part of people. How so? Imagine if you are the teacher of a classroom and you don’t like being that, in that state taking care of a group of kids that are fully alive and in their best active and jolted with life would be hell for the teacher, so it is most preferable to have a bunch of sedated kids and just mumble some garbage to them and that’s it.

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If you pay close attention that’s what is going on in our societies, the so entitled leaders of government and whatever, want a not so alive citizens because otherwise it would make it harder to manage.

However imagine now a teacher who likes being a teacher and is fully alive and jolted to do what he does with a classroom of equal kids that just want to practice their joy and learning. That would be a much more interesting dynamic of living, but first we must create it!

Those two cases are completely different dynamics! So how does that relate to the ancient art of saying no? Lets explore!

Our Journey in Life Matters to What we Become

We either are cultivated throughout our life to be alive and independent or we are cultivated to be dumb down and restricted, that’s probably the most general two dynamics our lifes assumes, in that case what would be the state that our will power would be at their highest?

To me is clear that in an empowering environment would create empowering human beings who later would not stand for bullshit from others and if needed would have the power and strenght of heart and system to say no!

Saying no is a clear statement that you are on, you are alive, you are present and you stand your ground so others cannot stand on that same ground because you are there, no trespassing here, you hear me!?

Saying yes to anything means no to many more

Everytime you have to decide an important matter or not so important, there is what you have to do, say Yes to something but no to many more options, a simple example would be you thinking of moving to other city, you have like 10 options, so obviously you will have to say no to 9 and yes to 1, pretty simple, however this dynamic can get very difficult and maybe confusing real fast.

How do you get in trouble? I’ll assume by saying yes to the wrong thing most of the time and many times is just the go along the group type of dynamic, you can’t say no to the group, society or culture and end up going along even if you feel you should not.

By doing that the muscle of your being becomes weak and denying actions, words, thoughts, emotions and everything else happening with you and for you becomes harder and with time passiveness becomes the rule. Invert that dynamic!

Solutions to Become Sovereign and Capable to Stand, Saying and Embodying the Ancient Word of Power

For me there are two major solutions for this, first is knowledge of yourself, wisdom, taking care of you and your surroundings, learn how, who, what, why, where you are.

The second is what was referred above, the empowering environment where you are cultivated shapes the strenght of your body-mind.

When you know your shit, bro… Bring it on! Remember that time you really become really good at something, you really knew what’s up and what you were doing, that’s the state that you will say no! It’s not like that and then say it or better yet… Show it! This is how it’s done, boom! Just like that!

However and unfortunately that energy is being taken away from people, because the theft of real knowledge about life and ourselves together with the immense sea of distractions so we can’t have the focus to pay attention to what really matters to our real life and everything arround us.

To better picture all this, Imagine saying to Cristiano Ronaldo, hey bro you can’t score a single goal… Oh Really? He is either going to say no! Or better yet, just score. Let’s embody this attitude with real talk and real action!


Saying no can be a big challenge, because of the not so empowering environments we tend to be cultivated in nowadays, so my take is this, we have to, we must empower ourselves with the right knowledge because we can’t do much about our past, however we can make a lot about our present.

Becoming a man or woman of knowledge may not change our not so empowering past but will allow us to become empowered in the present and revert the effects of the past and for me the best part and the way we going to flip this world for good is, we create the empowering environment for the next generation and that will change the score for the better!

Remember only you can occupy that space, stand that ground and if someone or something wants to step in, evaluate and if you conclude that’s not how the game is played, say and be it! NO, I’M HERE!

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